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Tim Schofield Photography

My name is Tim Schofield and I am in a photography class at SUNY GCC. This portfolio is made up of a collection of photos that I have taken throughout the semester. Some of these photos are photos that were part of assignments from the class. Others are photos that I have taken throughout the semester. These photos cover a variety of subjects such as my goats, a horse farm, Letchworth State Park, political topics and some other pictures that I have taken outside of class for enjoyment or as a hired photographer. In my opinions some of my most interesting photos are my action shots from an ATV race, these photos really capture the moment, whether it is the first few seconds off the starting line or the dirt flying through the air as the riders are going around the corners. Next in my opinion my most stunning photos from the semester are the sunsets or sunrises, there is something about that time of day. In the morning when everything is starting up for the day and at night when everything is winding down. Both of these make for some really amazing photos. The next shots are some senior photos, these senior photos were fun to do because I was able to work with my clients to capture pictures that express who they are. I have many more photos from other senior photoshoots but they were from a few days before the class began.7198 Court Rd, Pavilion NY, 14525 (585) 813-7985 www.timschofieldstudio.com ©2017

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