Q: How much do you charge?

A: Please refer to the hire the photographer page, or contact me at (585) 813-7985 for custom pricing.

Q: How do I get my pictures?

A: After your photoshoot, I will begin to edit your pictures as soon as possible, the pictures will then be uploaded to my website, in a gallery named after you or your event.You can find your pictures on this site. Once this happens you are then able to download the full resolution images, order prints and other fun items made with your picture. You have the option to have your gallery password protected.

Q: How long before I receive my pictures?

A: This varies based on many factors, and a more specific estimate can be given at the end of each photoshoot. If your pictures need to be rushed please let me know as soon as possible, and we can work something out.

Q: Is a deposit required?

A: To save your specific date, a deposit of $100 is required, then half of the session fee is due at the start, and then remaining is due upon when the pictures are fully edited, and uploaded to the site. Contact me with any concerns, (585) 813-7985.

Q: Location of the photoshoot?

A: This is your decision, I will travel to where you would like your pictures taken, in the event of long distance travel, milage fees may apply.

Q: Where can I get printed copies of my pictures?

A: First I would suggest that you order prints and anything else you would like from my website, however you are free to have them printed elsewhere, pending that you have the right to download the pictures. However it is strongly suggested that you order pictures through my website because they are printed by BayPhoto Labs in California, and they are regularly recognized as one of the best photo labs in the country.

**Quality guarantee is forfeited when pictures are not printed through my website**

Q: How long does it take for my prints to be delivered?

A: You should expect your prints in 3-4 business days after your purchase but please be considerate, they are coming from California.

For any other questions please contact me using the "Contact the Photographer" page or call me at (585) 813-7985.

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